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From Tuesday to Saturday at 8.30 pm

«Sing or make laugh, why choose?» Christelle Chollet

«sketches, tubes, madness 100% Chollet.» (Paris Match)
«Comic talent and vocal performances» (Le Parisien)
«Poignant and hilarious !» (Le Figaro)
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From December 9, 2017

At 2.00 pm

In the role of "Mozart", two alternating Labradors Mic and Mac respectively born on November 5 and 13, 2016. Currently at the Comédie Française academy of ‘thinking dogs’ they will be ready on December 9, 2017 to hold the 1st role.
Information & booking
Eiffel Tower Theater
4 square Rapp - 75007 PARIS
BOOKING : 01 40 67 77 77
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